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Services navigation Four shapes aligned at their vertical centers along a horizontal line. Each shape represents one of Highland's core services. From left to right: a circle represents research; a square represents design; a square rotated 45 degrees (like a "diamond") represents build; and a larger square rotated 45 degrees (like a "diamond") represents scale.


Product & Service Design

Highland helps people-first leaders transform their digital dreams into reality.

We'll help you design, develop, and scale your idea, rapidly generating value by producing a digital product or experience your users will love.

UX Design and Testing Mobile phone with a wireframe

UX Design & Testing

We build products that your users will cherish. How do we know? We ask them.

Ready-to-Build UI Designs A browser window coming out of a laptop?

Ready-to-Build UI Designs

Simple, effective, ready-to-build designs that development teams can implement rapidly.

Design sprints A looped arrow enclosing a clock with a speech bubble containing abstract text

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a fast, highly structured approach to rapid prototyping, and are perfect for exploring a new concept or nailing an important product feature.

Rapid Prototyping An unrolled sheet of paper with a path being drawn from a light bulb to a gear and beyond

Rapid Prototyping

Our team uses a wide variety of prototype concepts, allowing you to test big ideas like product concepts and value propositions, as well as detailed items like features, UX, messaging, and tone.

Scalable Design Systems A ruler with a pencil laid atop it crossways, outlined by a square drawn with a dotted line

Scalable Design Systems

Our design systems are developed with growth in mind, emphasizing patterns, and shared practices. Creating is just the start.

Design Metrics A bar chart with values that increase over time, the last of which is an arrow pointing up

Design Metrics

We'll help you track ROI from day one, ensuring you're creating the impact intended for your customers and your business.

Our Approach to Design

How we help clients bring their vision to life.

Focusing on Business Value Archery target that also looks like a crosshair with an arrow in the bullseye

Focus on Business Value

We work with services businesses that are pivoting to a digital product and with digital leaders who are responsible for driving innovation. Whatever your goal is, we'll help you get there while staying laser-focused on revenue outcomes and mission impact.

Optimizing for Customer Value A scattering of small squares with a magnifying glass over one

Optimize for User Value

We don't just design pretty interfaces. We continuously test and measure what users find accessible and useful for satisfying their goals, and most compelling in support of their purchase decisions.

Human-Centered Design A human icon in a circle with 8 arrows poiting out in cardinal and intercardinal directions

Human-Centered Design

Throughout the design process, we create feedback loops to better understand what features users find most desirable and build technology to deliver on those needs.

Wrangling Complexity A laptop with a play icon in the top-left corner, a typing indicator inside a speech bubble in the top-right corner, and a gear in the bottom right corner

Wrangle Complexity

Product and service design is all about converting big ideas into actionable plans. Our clients rave about how our process helps them get clear on complex customer journeys and turn them into value-driven products and services.

Our Work

Explore our recent work in design.

Archer mobile alerts overlaid with green and blue stripes and two concentric circles.

Helping professionals land their dream jobs

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Empress choice mobile view on a tablet, showing the purple dashboard and a woman smiling.

Disrupting an old school industry with new digital solutions

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Fulfill mobile view of spendable accounts, with a Fulfill spendable debit card in the background, flanked with confetti

Developing a no-nonsense banking app

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What We're Thinking About

Read our thinking on design.