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Services navigation Four shapes aligned at their vertical centers along a horizontal line. Each shape represents one of Highland's core services. From left to right: a circle represents research; a square represents design; a square rotated 45 degrees (like a "diamond") represents build; and a larger square rotated 45 degrees (like a "diamond") represents scale.


Discovery & Strategy

Our research reveals the genuine motivations and behaviors that drive people to use—or not to use—products and services. Unlike traditional methods like market research, personas, or focus groups, our research focuses explicitly on shaping products and services.

We use a wide variety of research methodologies, all centered on the people you currently serve or strive to serve.

Jobs to Be Done Research Icon depicting an arrow in a target's bullseye

Jobs To Be Done

The Highland team is a national leader in applying Jobs to be Done research to shape digital strategy. We’ll help you understand the jobs your customers are hiring your product to do, and break down the push and pull forces that are moving them to action.

Journey Mapping Start and end point with a winding dotted path connecting the two

Journey Mapping

Journey maps create an outside-in perspective of your users' current experience. Highland utilizes these maps as a simple, fast, and effective way to help a team discover unique opportunities to create solutions for unmet needs.

Qualitative Research Icon depicting a speech bubble with a large question mark on top of a speech bubble with lines representing a paragraph

Qualitative Research

In-depth interviews, contextual inquiry, and ethnography can unlock insights that drive your business strategy. We'll help frame your questions with intention and connect with interviewees, leading to better outcomes.

Quantitative Research Icon depicting a pie chart

Quantitative Research

Need to survey your target audience or conduct a MaxDiff study? We can help you identify your target audience, craft the right questions, and capture details and priorities that lead to statistically significant learnings.

Strategy Capabilities

Launching and scaling a digital product is more than building the technology. Digital products and experiences exist in a broader context of organizational goals and economics. Like you, we're thinking about the big picture.

Product Strategy Icon depicting an outline of a cube with an arrow pointing at a gear with an arrow pointing at a cube

Product Strategy

Our product strategy expertise helps you combine organizational goals, user needs, competitive analysis, and product differentiation to forge a confident path forward.

Digital Strategy Icon depicting a computer, tablet, and smartphone

Digital Strategy

Our “outside-in” digital strategies help established organizations chart a course to transform your existing digital experience.

Business Model Design Icon depicting a flowchart

Business Model Design

Evaluate the business model around your digital product idea using the Business Model Canvas, and draw on our 20 years of experience launching new digital ventures.

Value Proposition Icon depicting a sparkly diamond

Value Proposition Design

It’s not enough to be delightful to your users—you need to clearly communicate to buyers. We shape and test value propositions, messaging, positioning, and tone for new product concepts.

Pro Forma Models Icon depicting a grid

Pro Forma Models

Digital products have unique economic models, with high-risk and high-reward dynamics. Our digital product and SaaS based pro forma models bring clarity to likely investments and returns.

Our Work

Explore our recent work in research and digital strategy

Deconstructed Children's Hospital of Wisconsin brand, with white icons of a baby, arrow, bag, and large heart

Understanding family visits to the ER

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Make-A-Wish mobile view, with the team tab selected. The Wish-Child is at the center, a young girl named Addison, with her family above her and the Wish team below. The image is flanked by yellow stars and dots.

Bringing hope to critically ill kids and their families

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Thrivent mobile view with a photo of graduates at the front. White icons overlayed: a clock, dollar sign, degree

Putting a dent in the student debt crisis

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Our Thinking

Read more about our thinking on research and digital strategy